Affiliate Program

at absolutely ZERO Joining Fee

Celebrate lifelong earnings with our Affiliate Program
and earn 20% commission on every referral sales generated

Through one of the most robust and transparent Multi-Tier Affiliate System
For Individuals

Join as Resource Person

For Organizations

Join as Channel Partner

Higher Incentives

Get 20% commissions on the Sales generated

Separate Promo Code

Share referral links / Promo codes to generate Sales

Weekly Payouts

Payment through GPay / Direct Bank Transfer

Affiliate Dashboard

Real-time tracking of referral transactions

Marketing Content

Back end team will support through relevant and customized content

Multi Tier Network

Engage a team of affiliates and earn commissions on their sales as well

Lifelong Engagement

Get engaged with us to promote our Programs and get incentives

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to coordinate

How Affiliate Programs Work?

A person earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products / services / solutions. The sales are tracked via affiliate links or Promo codes.
Affiliate can be either an individual or an organization that markets the seller’s products / services / solutions in an appealing way to potential consumers.
Affiliates often have a very specific audience to whom they market, generally adhering to that audience’s interests.
Affiliate markets the products / services / solutions to the consumers through the necessary channel(s), whether it be social media, a blog or a YouTube video etc.
When the consumers recognize the products / services / solutions as valuable or beneficial to them, they follow the affiliate link or use promo code and checkout from the portal.
Affiliate receives a portion of the revenue made as commission.

Resource Persons







Channel Partners


Coaching Centers



Distribution Channels


Service Providers


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How to get started?


with relevant details, as required


of the details from backend team


of Affiliate account, subject to valid KYC

Affiliate Dashboard

access to view transactions & reports

Sales Campaigning

with promo codes or referral links

Earn Commissions

in the Bank account periodically

Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliates can share/ refer/ recommend the assessment programs of ENGGtalks within their communities and circles through Campaign tool and earn money on qualifying purchases.

Affiliates are required to check the Campaign tab under Affiliate Dashboard and open the available campaigns, then copy the entire content including the header, text & link and share the same through Email, Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platforms or use any standard communication medium to reach out the targeted audience, who can purchase the Assessment programs.
Affiliates must be with age of 18 years and above

Experienced and Senior affiliates may expand their business and build their team with junior affiliates to promote our Programs across geographies. In that case, all junior affiliates can be mapped with the senior affiliate through multi tier affiliate system - which is a parent-child network, to track the entire referral sales made by the senior affiliate and his/ her team.

To verify KYC of the Affiliates, the AADHAAR Card, PAN Card and Savings/ Current Indian Bank Account (in active state) are required.

Google Pay: The affiliate will have to tell

Direct Bank Deposit through NEFT/RTGS: The Affiliate will have to tell us the name of bank, branch, IFSC Code, type of bank account (current / savings), account number and the name of the primary account holder as it appears in the bank's records.

There is no processing fee for payment via direct deposit.

The payout can be as minimum as INR 100/- which can be transferred through GPay or Bank Transfer.

There is no maximum limit as such. The payout amount is calculated at the end of every week and the amount gets transferred.

The payout amount calculated for the previous week (ending in Sunday), with a minimum of INR 100/- is transferred by Monday in next week.

Yes, if the total commission of a particular week is less than the minimum payout amount, the same is carry forwarded to next week and so on, till it reaches the min. amount to be paid out.

Generally Tax Deducted from Source (TDS) is not applicable for smaller payouts. However, TDS @1% is applicable for cumulative payout of Rs. 30,000/- and above in a financial year as per Income Tax rules.

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