National Skills Qualifications Framework – Provisions

The NSQF framework will also offer the following benefits to students and professionals: seamless progression between different skill levels, alignment with industry standards and requirements, increased employability and job opportunities, recognition and validation of acquired skills, flexibility for continuous skill development, and a clear career pathway with opportunities for further skill acquisition and growth:

a) The NSQF framework will enable individuals to easily enter and exit various domains such as skill training, vocational education, job markets, as well as general and technical education, offering them the flexibility to explore different pathways and seamlessly transition between these different educational and employment sectors

b) International Equivalency will be achieved by providing national policies for identifying skill proficiency and competencies at different levels.

c)The NSQF framework ensures the availability of progressive pathways that are aligned with the skill qualifications, providing individuals with clear and structured routes for advancing their skills and qualifications within the system.

d)Tie-ups with the industries and markets to understand the job market requirements.

e)The NSQF establishes a credible, transparent, and accountable mechanism for skill development across multiple sectors, ensuring that the process is reliable, easily understood, and can be traced and evaluated to maintain high standards of quality and effectiveness in skill development initiatives.

f) Providing better potential that recognises early learning.

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