What is the Objective behind National Skills Qualifications Framework ?

The main objective of NSQF are s follows:-

a) The NSQF framework effectively accommodates the diverse range of education and training systems existing within the country, recognizing and integrating the unique characteristics and requirements of different regions, institutions, and stakeholders to ensure inclusivity and relevance in skill development across the nation.

b) The NSQF enables the creation of universally accepted qualifications at each level, ensuring standardized credentials that are recognized and valued nationwide, thereby facilitating seamless mobility and recognition of skills across different regions and sectors within the country

c) The NSQF establishes a robust framework that oversees the maintenance and development of progressive pathways, enabling individuals to access qualifications and seamlessly transition between various sectors of training, education, and the labor market, facilitating smooth mobility and continuous skill development throughout their career journeys.

d)The NSQF empowers individuals with opportunities to advance in their training and education while also providing recognition for their prior experiences and acquired knowledge, ensuring that their past learnings are valued and integrated into their educational journey, ultimately enabling comprehensive skill development and holistic personal growth

e)By enhancing the recognition of Indian qualifications and ensuring their compliance with the NSQF, the framework actively promotes and supports both national and international mobility, facilitating the seamless movement of individuals equipped with these qualifications, and strengthening the value and comparability of Indian credentials on a global scale.

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