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with the potential of

Interact with TECH+
Your Virtual Technical Assistant @ 24×7

Get Solutions to your Engineering Problems and Answers to your Technical Queries

Helps in troubleshooting Technical Issues
Solves Technical Challenges on day-to-day work
Answers Technical Queries
Provides guidance on relevant Topics on Engineering & Technology domain
Understands large Documents, interprets and extracts relevant information
Helps to increase the Productivity and saves time

Leverage CONTENT+
Highly Effective Professional Writing Tools

Transform your Works with the Power of Generative AI

Assists in professional writing, by offering topic suggestions or generating outlines based on a given subject.
Helps improve the quality of writing, by offering suggestions for sentence construction, grammar, and vocabulary.
Identifies potential errors or inconsistencies and provides alternative phrasing options, helping writers refine their work and enhance readability.
Aids in content creation by generating coherent and engaging text.
Analyzes patterns and styles from existing content and produce new content that aligns with the desired tone and style.

Enlist your Name with
National Directory of Engineers, Architects and Technologists (India)

Expressing Loyalty and Dedication towards Professional Commitment

To recognize Indian Engineers, Architects and Technologists at Professional level, Graduate, Post Graduate and Diploma level
To meet the high standards of skill, qualification and professionalism expected in industry.
To build Profile Portfolio and get assigned with Unique Digital Identifier (UDI).

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Exclusive updates on TEV, LIE, Valuation and Assessment, DPR, Technical Due Diligence, Project Monitoring...
Opportunities from National and International Authorities


Exclusive discounts on Self Learning Online Modular Courseware for Techno-Professional Development of Engineers, Technologists and Architects at various levels


Exclusive benefits to avail Group Mediclaim, Personal Accident and Professional Indemnity Insurance coverage from Nationalized / Multi-National Companies


Exclusive offers and discounts on Corporate Tour, Family Tour, Holiday Package, Excursion, Trekking & Hiking. Accommodation and Transportation
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