‘Perfectly secure’ digital messaging hides sensitive data from prying eyes

The method can be incorporated into social media and private messaging and could “empower” vulnerable groups, such as dissidents, investigative journalists and humanitarian aid workers, the researchers added. The algorithm applies to a setting called steganography which is the practice of hiding sensitive information inside innocuous content. Steganography differs from…
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Prevail in the EM Environment

Today’s volatile environment increases the possibility that your electronic warfare (EW) system will not adequately react to threats with countermeasures.Download Keysight’s white paper to learn about electronic countermeasures (ECMs) and how jamming, machine learning, and AI are changing the threat environment. It presents ways to generate electronic attacks and evaluate…
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Laser-based communication system enables HD video from space probes

Researchers have reported new results from Nasa’s Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) technology demonstration project, which develops and tests new advanced laser sources for deep-space optical communication. Nasa currently relies on radio communication systems to communicate with Mars rovers and probes. However, this incurs average delays of around 20 minutes…
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