Emulation: The Future of EV Design

Automakers face pressure to develop energy-efficient and powerful electric vehicle (EV) batteries, electric drivetrains, and charging infrastructure as the global automotive market ramps up EV production to meet net zero emission goals.Emulation technology is emerging as a vital tool that reduces design verification time and cost across this e-mobility ecosystem.…
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Accelerate 800G Ethernet Deployments

Get up to speed on the evolution of data centers.The “Data Center Ethernet Technology and Evolution to 224 Gbps” application note explains the latest evolution of high speed ethernet links, technical challenges of 800G ethernet, and test solutions available for up to 224 Gbps interfaces.Download your free copy now.
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Autonomous Drive Emulation: Applying C-V2X Test Solutions Across the Automotive Workflow

Achieving fully autonomous driving relies on vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication between the surrounding infrastructure and in-vehicle-based sensors.The functionality and safety of systems that incorporate V2X must be verified across a variety of situations and conditions. As the breadth and depth of such testing increases, it quickly becomes too expensive, impractical, and…
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