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Assists in professional writing, by offering topic suggestions or generating outlines based on a given subject.
Helps improve the quality of writing, by offering suggestions for sentence construction, grammar, and vocabulary.
Identifies potential errors or inconsistencies and provides alternative phrasing options, helping writers refine their work and enhance readability.
Aids in content creation by generating coherent and engaging text.
Analyzes patterns and styles from existing content and produce new content that aligns with the desired tone and style.
Save time and cost

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with the power of AI

Generate content with CONTENT+ through Tokens

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Users get 5,000 Token as credit after signing up. They can use it while generating content. Once all the Token is fully consumed, users can buy Token as per requirement.

The AI Content Generator processes text by dividing it into tokens, which can be individual words or groups of characters.

For example, the word fantastic would be split into the tokens fan, tas, and tic, while a shorter word like gold would be considered a single token. Many tokens start with a space, such as hi and greetings.

The number of tokens processed in a single request depends on the length of the input and output text.

As a general guideline, one token is roughly equivalent to 4 characters or 0.75 words for English text.

1 token ≃ 4 chars in English
1 token ≃ ¾ words
100 tokens ≃ 75 words


1-2 sentence ≃ 30 tokens
1 paragraph ≃ 100 tokens
1,500 words ≃ 2048 tokens

It’s important to note that the combined length of the text prompt and generated completion must not exceed the model’s maximum context length, which is typically 4096 tokens or approximately 3000 words.

Tokens can be thought of as parts of words, and 1,000 tokens is approximately 750 words.

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Online Payment Compliance

Our payment partners Razorpay and Stripe are fully compliant with the protocol that was created, mandated and registered by the branded Cards and Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) set of rules which ensure every transaction is safe and no data is lost, as follows:

Build a secure Network and Systems and maintain it
Protect the data of the Cardholder
Create a Vulnerability Management Program
Implement strong Access Control Measures
Monitor and Test networks on a regular basis
Maintain an Information Security Policy
We ensure confidentiality

Data Storage and Security

Highly secured Data Storage with DDoS, BotNet Protection, 256bit Encryption, Firewall and Threat Blocking
Tier-4 Datacenter with high availability (99.999% uptime)
Data Classification & Encryption
Endpoint Management & User Access Privilege
Automatic Backup
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Frequently Asked Questions

CONTENT+ is a writing tool and anyone can use for their general purpose like letter writing, blog writing, resume writing, study notes, will get knowledge how to connect in professional network etc.

Whereas TECH+ is an interactive tool specifically designed for technical person or who have science background and both are powered by ENGGtalks®

TECH+ and CONTENT+ both are writing tool but if user faces any issue while giving the input in TECH+, CONTENT+ will help to get the desired result with some dedicated feature and template

No, as this is a premium service, after signup user will get a welcome token credit of 5000 which they can use to check how the service is working.

In visual tab, anyone can easily able to edit the content/paragraph as they wish and download/copy it and there is no such use of Text tab for the normal user.

User can edit the content but cannot share it from here, but user can copy/download the content and paste over there.

No, there is no such rules and regulations to use

No, user has to copy/download the content for future use.

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