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Last updated: October 01, 2016


About Copyright

Copyright is a form of protection that is granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Copyright can cover almost any creative expression. Your copyright guarantees your right to determine who gets to copy, re-use or alter your original work. Your original work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.

The period for which a work remains under copyright varies from country to country. After a period of time, copyrights revert to the public domain.

ENGGtalks™ is based in India and complies with legal code of India. Most countries, however, operate under treaties that standardize copyright laws with minor variations. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with copyright laws, both in India and in your country of origin, before uploading content to ENGGtalks™.

How do you copyright your content on ENGGtalks™?

Copyright law, and the threshold for what constitutes a copyrighted work, varies from country-to-country. In India, copyright protection arises as soon as an “original” work is put in writing or fixed in some other “tangible medium of expression.” A work does not have to be published or registered with the Copyright Office in order to benefit from copyright protection, although there are benefits to registration.

ENGGtalks™ members that own the copyright to materials they upload to the site, retain their ownership, but grant ENGGtalks™ a non-exclusive license to all uploaded content that authorizes ENGGtalks™ to present that material to users in accordance with the operation of the service. ENGGtalks™ users likewise are granted a non-exclusive license to access content you upload. You may upload, alter, distribute and remove content for which you control the copyright. However, if you remove content for which you control the copyright from the ENGGtalks™ service, users who have downloaded copies of that content to their devices will still be able to access those copies. Publishing to ENGGtalks™ affords no special protections from unauthorized copying and distribution of your copyrighted work.

ENGGtalks™ is a community supported website with the majority of the published content being uploaded by our user community or collected from a wide range of resources. Although published content is believed to be authorized for sharing and personal use either by the uploader or author or for being public domain licensed content, unless otherwise noted, all contents on this website are copyrighted by their respective authors, therefore, if you wish to use these resources for any other use you must get permission from their respective authors.

ENGGtalks™ does not offer services related to the copyright of creative works, and ENGGtalks™ team are not authorized to provide legal advice. If you have questions about your rights related to your creative works, we strongly recommend that you consult a copyright attorney, or a literary agent familiar with copyrights and publishing legalities.

Some important facts about copyright infringement:

1. A copyright notice (©) is generally not required for a work to be copyrighted.

2. You may be liable for copyright infringement any time you upload copyrighted content without authorization, even if there are identical or similar copies available elsewhere on ENGGtalks™.

3. You may be liable for copyright infringement even if you previously purchased a copy of the copyrighted work, or intend to purchase a copy at a later time.

4. You may be liable for copyright infringement even if the copyright owner made the document available on ENGGtalks™ or on another website.

5. You may be liable for copyright infringement even if you derive no financial compensation or benefit from the infringement.

6. You may be liable for copyright infringement even if you share copyrighted works for educational or non-commercial use.

7. You may be liable for copyright infringement even if you declare that “no copyright infringement is intended.”

8. You may be liable for copyright infringement even if you upload a copyrighted work for private use, or if you intend to share only with a small group of your friends or family.

9. You may be liable for copyright infringement even if you give attribution to the owner or author of the copyrighted content.

10. You may be liable for copyright infringement even if you use your creativity to update, change, or alter a copyrighted work.

11. You can be sued for copyright infringement even if your ENGGtalks™ account has been suspended.

12. Even a copying a small portion of a document may cause you to be liable for copyright infringement.

Use of another’s copyrighted material without authorization of the copyright holder does not always constitute copyright infringement. In certain cases, the use may qualify as “fair.”

However, no copyright infringement is intended in this website.

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