TECH+ 100K Token Credit

TECH+ 100K Token Credit

100K Token Credit enables users with 1,00,000 Tokens (equivalent to 75,000 words approx.) for interacting with the Top-notch AI Powered Engineering ChatBot – TECH+

The ChatBot processes text by dividing it into tokens, which can be individual words or groups of characters.

For example, the word fantastic would be split into the tokens fan, tas, and tic, while a shorter word like gold would be considered a single token. Many tokens start with a space, such as hi and greetings.

The number of tokens processed in a single request depends on the length of the input and output text.

As a general guideline, one token is roughly equivalent to 4 characters or 0.75 words for English text.

1 token ~= 4 chars in English
1 token ~= ¾ words
100 tokens ~= 75 words


1-2 sentence ~= 30 tokens
1 paragraph ~= 100 tokens
1,500 words ~= 2048 tokens

It’s important to note that the combined length of the text prompt and generated completion must not exceed the model’s maximum context length, which is typically 4096 tokens or approximately 3000 words.

Tokens can be thought of as parts of words, and 1,000 tokens is approximately 750 words.

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