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National Directory of Engineers, Architects and Technologists (India)

For expressing Loyalty & Dedication towards Professional Commitment


Provide a comprehensive Digital Directory for Professional Engineers, Architects, Engineering Technologists and associates to be enlisted and recognized, who meet the expected standards of skill, qualification and professionalism.

Facilitate a searchable database of qualified pool of Architects, Engineering Professionals, Consultants, Subject Matter Experts towards National & International Authorities for empanelment.

It is to distinguish every other Professional, ensuring them to get recognition for all of their Academic and Professional credibility available within the Directory.

Professionalism & Accountability

Professional Mobility & Recognition

Quality Assurance & Standards

Consumer Confidence & Trust

Public Safety & Consumer Protection

Regulatory Compliance & Governance

Privileged Professional Card

Designed exclusively for valued Subscribers of National Directory of Engineers, Architects and Technologists. The Unique Digital Identifier (UDI) will give immense privilege through Profile Portfolio, Listing within Digital Directory with Global Visibility and Recognition.

Leverage unmatched benefits, powered by ENGGtalks to pursue professional growth, develop skills & competencies, maintain work-life-balance, secure the future of self & family and maintain good & healthy lifestyle.

Eligibility and Pricing

Diploma Level

Exclusively for working Engineers, Architects and Technologists with Diploma or Undergraduate from recognized Universities / State Councils

Joining Fee: ₹ 500 (First Year)
Renewal Fee: ₹ 200 (yearly)

Graduate & PG Level

Exclusively for working Engineers, Architects and Technologists with Graduate or Post Graduate Degree from recognized Institutes / Universities

Joining Fee: ₹ 1,000 (First Year)
Renewal Fee: ₹ 400 (yearly)

Professional Level

Graduate & PG Level Engineers, Architects and Technologists with Professional Memberships / CEng, PE, IntPE or similar certifications from Professional Societies

Joining Fee: ₹ 1,500 (First Year)
Renewal Fee: ₹ 500 (yearly)

Prices are inclusive of Taxes, as applicable

with Unique Digital Identifier

360° Profile Portfolio

A compilation of academic and professional information that exemplifies the beliefs, skills, qualifications, education, training and experiences of enlisted Professionals.

Profile Summary
Work Experience
Skills & Competencies
Courses & Trainings
Awards & Recognitions
Personal Information *
Government ID Mapping *

* Sensitive Information required for internal use only, will not be disclosed publicly


Work Profiles in different types

Techno Economic Viability Report Preparation
Valuation and Assessment
Lenders Independent Engineer Report Preparation
Detailed Project Report Preparation
Technical Due Diligence
Project Monitoring and many more...
From various Authorities

Nationalised, Private & Foreign Banks
Non Banking Financial Corporations
Insurance Companies, SEZs
Central Customs & Excise Departments
Central & State Forensic Departments
Investigating Agencies
High Courts and Judiciaries
National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)
International Authorities like UNICEF, WHO, IMF, World Bank
Clients & Employers based in India and abroad
Global Visibility & Recognition

Comprehensive Digital Directory

Privileged Listing
Realtime Information
Better Navigation
Content Flexibility
Searchable Database
Filtering & Indexing
Access Privilege
Device Friendly

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National Directory of Engineers, Architects and Technologists (India)

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To connect Professionals and schedule appointments globally.

Automatic notifications and reminders
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If you are having queries

Frequently Asked Questions

This Directory is a comprehensive one as it gathers the information about educational & professional qualifications, working experiences including achievements in the work field, standards skill sets & other necessary personal information’s of an individual subscriber.

The above-mentioned information will be a necessary criteria for any subscriber to get connected with prospective clients and get recognised in their respective fields.

It will also help the subscriber to distinguish themselves from their peers.

The purpose of this comprehensive digital directory is to recognize Indian engineers who has demonstrated their skills, qualification, and professionalism in their respective fields. It will serves as a platform to showcase their achievements and provide a reliable resource for national and international authorities, prospective employers & clients, to identify top-quality engineers.

A Privileged Professional Card is a physical or digital card consist of a Unique Digital Identifier (UDI) issued to individuals who will subscribe in this National Directory of Engineers, Architects and Technologists (India).

The subscriber will receive the Privileged Professional Card at physical mode & will be send to their respective communication address as provided in their Billing Address.

The Privileged Professional Card is valid for lifetime and will active prior to renewal of annual subscription.

The directory will become a comprehensive resource that connects the engineers to:-

  • Project finance department of Nationalised Bank, Private Banks. NBFCs, Insurance companies, central customs, excise department, central and state forensic department, investigating agencies, high courts etc.
  • International Authorities like UNICEF, WHO, IMF, World Bank, foreign Financial, Audit, Consulting, Banking and Insurance companies etc.
  • Clients & employers both in India and abroad

Graduate & PG level working Engineers and Technologist with Chartered Engineer, Professional Engineer, IntPE / similar certification from recognised authorities.

Working Diploma, Graduate & PG level engineers from recognised universities.

The criteria for inclusion in this comprehensive digital directory are based on a rigorous evaluation process that considers factors such as:

  • Educational qualifications and degrees obtained
  • Professional certifications and affiliations
  • Relevant work experience and projects
  • Demonstrated skills and expertise in the respective engineering discipline
  • Adherence to ethical and professional standards

The registered engineers can typically update their information in this comprehensive digital directory. They can log into their accounts on the website to edit and update their profiles.

The recognition of this comprehensive digital directory may vary depending on the specific regulatory bodies or government agencies.

Yes, the working experience with high standard of skills, qualification and professionalism will be mandatory for the engineers.

Yes, the academician in engineering discipline is eligible for the registration.

Academicians can engage in consulting jobs by leveraging their expertise, knowledge, and research skills to provide valuable insights and advice to organisations, businesses, and individuals.

Academicians can use their academic background to conduct thorough research, analyse data, and provide evidence-based recommendations.

Entry-level professional having working experience is eligible for the registration in this directory.

An Architect having necessary educational qualification (like Degree or Diploma level) and requisite skill set and working experiences may get enlisted in this directory to show-case themselves in front of prospective clients across INDIA & Overseas and get recognised in their fields.

The terms "Architect" and "Architectural Engineer" refer to two distinct professions involved in the field of architecture, but they have different roles and responsibilities.

Architects primarily concentrate on the overall design, aesthetics, and conceptualization of any construction projects, while architectural engineers focus on the technical aspects, structural integrity, and construction management systems to ensure a safe and functional design. Both professionals work together closely, often as part of a larger project team, to create successful architectural projects.

The Architectural Engineers may subscribe in the Engineering category i.e. Diploma / Degree / Professional levels as per their respective educational qualifications.

Any engineer, registered in other Professional Bodies across INDIA & Overseas may subscribe in this Comprehensive National Directory.

No, there will be any conflict of interest as there will be separate registration number will be provided in this Comprehensive National Directory and in the portfolio section the Registration Numbers from other professional bodies will be mentioned for respective subscribers.

Engineers can furnish their certificates from any National or International Universities, Statutory Authorities & Professional Bodies. The information and the certificate provided by the engineers in the directory will be validated and accepted at prospective client’s end. The directory not bear any responsibility regarding any acceptation or rejection at prospective client’s end.

The directory will maintain 100% security and privacy of the information shared by the engineers from any fraudulent activities. The directory will use the information of the engineers in a fair and reasonable manner and where there will be lawful reason to do so.

Yes, there will be one-time signup chargers and yearly renewable subscription charges varies as per the educational qualification of the engineers.

Yes, the subscription is valid for one year which is renewable every year.

The clients may offer consulting jobs, Project Management jobs, Techno economical viability assessment jobs, Leander’s Independent Engineers, Valuation, Technical and financial audit, Stock assessment etc. to the shortlisted engineers by the respective clients.

The mode of assignments will be varied and completely depend on the prospective clients. E.g. full time, part time, project specific, domain specific, industry specific etc.

Clients from different domains like Infrastructure, Banking, Service, Insurance. Legal, Manufacturing, Projects, IT and non-IT companies etc. will be benefited from this directory.

National and International Authorities, Regulatory Bodies and it's authorised representatives may get in touch with the concerned Professionals as and when required.

The prospective clients may directly contact with the enlisted engineers and technologist by mail and contact numbers as provided by the respective engineers in the directory.

The concept of a National Engineering Register or a similar professional registration system may vary from country to country. While many countries have their own systems in place to register and regulate professional engineers, the specific name and structure of such registers may differ. Additionally, the availability of a national engineering register can change over time as countries develop or modify their professional engineering practices.
Here are a few countries known for having national engineering registers or similar systems: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand (IPENZ), South Africa (ECSA)

The enlisted engineers and technologist will able to see various job opportunities in the opportunity desk when they log into their respective accounts.

The enlisted engineers will receive various job opportunities in their respective e-mail IDs which they may apply as per their suitability.

This directory does not ensure job to their registered members. It will help the engineers in India to get connected with national and international authorities, banking and finance companies, Insurance companies, central customs, excise department, central and state forensic department, investigating agencies, high courts etc.

No, Engineers at any age are eligible to enroll them in this digital directory.

No. There is no quota or reservation.

No, as the information is confidential so the list of shortlisted engineers will not be available at public domain.

It is completely depends at prospective client’s end.

AADHAAR number is important for National Authorities and Passport is the only proof of citizenship for International Authorities.

Yes, any foreign engineer, who are working in India or wants to work in India can apply.

Yes, non-residential Indians and engineers who are working outside India, can register in the directory.

The payment mode is fully ONLINE. There is a link to the payment gateway in the online subscription form. The subscriber can opt for any of the payment options listed over there. The additional charges (if any) such as service charges, processing fees or bank charges, have to be borne by the subscriber.
ENGGtalks offers multiple payment methods – UPI, Internet Banking, Debit / Credit Cards, Wallets etc.
The Payment Gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep the transaction details confidential at all the times.

No. There is no refund option available after the subscription, except duplicate payment.

Any unaccounted or excess money that was received from subscriber’s account on behalf of ENGGtalks, will automatically be returned (credited) to the same account. However, this may take few days to process.

Subscriber can always check the status of transaction from their bank account, wallet, credit or debit card.
In case, the fee amount has been debited (deducted), but has not received any acknowledge email of successful fee payment, then the amount will be credited back to their account, which may take few days.
In such a situation, the subscriber may initiate a fresh subscription and payment without waiting for the money to be credited back to their account. This will ensure the subscription within the deadline.

For withdrawing / cancellation, subscriber has to wait until expiration of the service.

Engineers can perform/execute numerous projects/assignments simultaneously as per their capacity

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